I am Jochen, a motivated front-end developer who loves providing a beautiful and fun experience for end users. After learning the basics like HTML, CSS, Python and some JavaScript, I decided to pick up React Native. React for web and TypeScript quickly followed suit, and I noticed my interest in front-end development kept growing. After a few years of really learning the ins and outs of React, I decided to give SwiftUI a go. There was no doubt that this would be the language and framework I wanted to use from here on out. Throughout the years, I also started to create more and more of my own designs, further improving my front-end capabilities. I also picked up a lot of different languages on the side, like Java, Elixir, Dart and the family of C languages. To complete some side projects, knowledge of backend frameworks like Express and database knowledge was also required, rendering me a full-stack developer. However, I will always tend to front-end in my heart.

I believe a beautiful and fun user experience doesn‘t just end with an excellent design and user flow within your app. It extends to the beautiful design and consistency of the underlying code and, without a doubt, the passion and effort put into the product by the people behind it.